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About Faith

A consummate jewelry professional, Faith Ann Kiely embodies the modern designer emerging from the rich and storied history of the making of jewelry. Over a twenty year career in jewelry, beginning as an assistant and rising to the level of top executive, Faith learned how to balance all the beautiful variables in the creation of fine jewelry that each piece must pass through on its journey from concept to model making, stone selection, prototype and finally master sample. Via her regular trips to Italy, over the years Faith has finely tuned her aesthetic as the complimenting force to her solid technical side. Through her initial collections, the impact that Italian design, culture and history has made on her sensibilities cannot be denied. Her work there is always accompanied by the exploration of Italy’s many regions, each with its own distinctive richness, from the heights of Taormina in Sicily overlooking the azure Mediterranean to the rose colored peaks of the Dolomites in the north of the Veneto. From the lagoon of Venice on the Adriatic to the Maddalena archipelago of Sardinia Faith has found inspiration in the expression of life there both in the past and in the present. Of course for Faith too, all roads lead to the eternal city in the center of it all where the history and culture is most exemplified, Rome.

Here stands her first two collections Corinthium and Aquilum in celebration of a career spent in the creation of fine jewelry.


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